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The Carpathian Troy Open-Air Museum, Trzcinica:

A Regional Tourist AttractionTitle of applicant:

The Sub-Carpathian Museum, Krosno

Beneficiary state: Poland Type of project assistance: Individual project

Total project cost: € 2,071,185 Grant amount awarded: € 1,747,086

Grant commitment date: 10 November 2006Grant rate: 85%Planned project duration: 39 months Grant from: EEA Financial MechanismStatus:

Ongoing Summary:

The purpose of the Project is to create a new cultural and tourist attraction, with the overall objective to enhance thecultural and tourist attractiveness of the Voivodeship of Sub-Carpathia, and the protection of a European culturalheritage site. Reference is made to the application dated 18 March 2006, as well as additional information provided bythe Focal Point on 9 June 2006 and 19 September 2006. The Grant will finance the establishment of an archaeological open-air museum, including an exhibition pavilion onthe site of the most ancient Early Bronze Age fortified settlements in Poland. The main activities will consist of theconstruction of the exhibition pavilion, lying out of the archaeological park, the construction of roads and inner roadnetwork and the construction of the stronghold precinct. To carry out these works a contract engineer will beselected through a tendering procedure. Other activities will be publicity campaigns, mounting of the exhibition, andevaluation and monitoring at the end of the implementation phase. The Project Promoter is the Sub-Carpathian Museum in Krosno. The Project Promoter shall provide at least 15% of the estimated eligible project costs.       Text source : http://www.eeagrants.org/downloads/Other/Committed_projects/PL0029.pdf   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LATEST NEWS  : POLISH NGO FUND LAUNCHED IN WARSAW

A €41.5 million NGO fund established through support from the EEA Grants donor states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway was launched at a seminar in Warsaw on 24 April, representing a considerable push for civil society development in Poland and opening up for easily-accessible grants to grassroots organisations over several years to come. The Warsaw seminar, which brought together around 300 representatives from civil society organisations from Poland and the donor states, marked the starting point of the first calls for proposals under the NGO fund’s three focus areas: democracy and civil society, environmental protection and sustainable development, and equal opportunities and social integration. The Polish government contributes with 10 percent in co-financing to the fund. Through open calls for proposals, about €12.6 million will be re-granted to applicants within each focus area, spread across several calls until early-2009. The first round of calls for proposals under the focus areas democracy and civil society and equal opportunities and social inclusion opens today, and will close on 8 June and 29 June respectively. The first call under the focus area protection of the environment opens on 24 July and closes on 28 September. The NGO fund opens for cooperation projects between Polish civil society organisations, including social partners, and their counterparts from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to further the aim of strengthening bilateral cooperation between Poland and the donor states. “We hope to see results of the NGO fund through a multitude of projects and partnerships - that can make a difference for the development of Poland and enhance the cooperation between our two countries,” the Norwegian ambassador to Poland, Knut Hauge, said at the opening. ----------       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Text source :  http://www.eeagrants.org/index.php